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Who can apply for a Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant

Starting in May 2023, any Virginia parents of school-age children may apply for a grant of up to $3,000 to fund tutoring and educational services for their students.

Expanding on the model of similar Education Scholarship Account (ESA) programs in other states, Virginia has set aside a total of $30 million that Learning Acceleration Grant recipients may use to address and overcome continued challenges presented by pandemic-era learning loss.

Unlike many other states who provide funds only for homeschooling families or students with unique learning needs, Virginia’s grant program is available to all students who are school-age and have not graduated.

This means if you’re a Virginia parent, you have the opportunity to apply for a grant and connect your kid with meaningful, impactful educational experiences and tutoring that help them hit milestones and feel confident at school.

Grants are being awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to families who have completed the application and are approved. Families whose children attend public schools, charter schools, private schools, or homeschool are all eligible to apply for this grant as long as they reside in Virginia and are of school-age.

How much is the VA Learning Acceleration Grant?

Parents may apply for either a $1,500 K-12 grant or a $3,000 income-qualified K-12 grant. One grant may be awarded per child who is school-age and resides in Virginia. Homeschooling families may also apply for the grant.

How do you apply for a Learning Acceleration Grant?

To apply for a $1,500 K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant, parents must be ready to submit these documents for each child that meets the following criteria:

  1. The child resides in Virginia.

  2. The child is of school-age as defined by the state of Virginia. School-age may vary for students who have a diagnosis from a healthcare provider that extends their eligibility for public schooling.

  3. The child has not graduated.

To apply for a $3,000 K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant, parents must provide proof that their family income does not exceed 300% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. To see if your family may qualify, consult the chart below:

Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (1)Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (2)

Image credit: Virginia Department of Education

To ensure that students are getting the quickest and earliest possible benefits from this grant program,

The remaining funds may be spent according to the following chart, dependent upon which grant you received.

Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (3)Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (4)

Image credit: Virginia Department of Education

Unspent grant funds will be returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia as outlined in these Frequently Asked Questions.

What can I use a VA Learning Grant for?

Learning Acceleration Grants may be used for a wide variety of small group classes, tutoring, and educational therapy or support services.

The primary services that Virginia has identified as approved for grant spending are:

  1. Tutoring. This includes 1-on-1 lessons and small group classes in a virtual or in-person setting.

  2. Educational therapies. This includes speech and language therapy, specialized reading instruction, and other services provided by a licensed practitioner.

  3. Assistive Technology. This includes devices and services to be used primarily at home or in community settings. Special note: Regardless of the grant award amount, only $750 may be used to purchase assistive technology.

How to spend Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant funds

Virginia grant recipients can spend their awarded funds using a platform called ClassWallet. After your application is approved, your funds will be deposited into a ClassWallet account. When your grant funds appear on ClassWallet, you can immediately begin purchasing classes, tutoring services, and more using the ClassWallet marketplace.

The resources or services in the Marketplace on your ClassWallet account are approved for purchase with your grant funds. If you have any questions about services not listed in ClassWallet, you can direct the provider to apply for vendor approval for grant spending or reach out to

The following video provides a detailed walkthrough of how to make a purchase using ClassWallet. Watch to see how to access an approved-vendor tutoring provider like Outschool through the ClassWallet portal, select a class, and return to ClassWallet to complete your purchase.

Watch this video to see how it works.

Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (5)Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (6)

How to use your Virginia grant for K-12 tutoring

One of the most common ways Virginia anticipates families will use this grant is to fund academic tutoring or classes for K-12 students. Whether your child needs extra help with a challenging subject or is ready to excel beyond their grade level, connecting them with a professional educator can help them reach their full potential.

And best of all—the state of Virginia allows funds to be used for in-person, hybrid, or online tutoring. And, tutoring isn’t limited to 1-on-1 lessons! Small group classes can qualify for grant funds, as well. This gives parents a ton of flexibility to personalize their kids’ education, especially by exploring the wide world of virtual learning.

If your family’s only experience with online learning is tough days spent in front of the computer in peak 2020-pandemic-madness, you may shy away from online classes at first. However, plenty of virtual teaching experts host classes on Learning Acceleration Grant-approved platforms like Outschool.

These seasoned teachers know how to make online learning fun, engaging, and effective—for many, virtual teaching is their full-time job! Especially if in-person tutoring opportunities are limited in your local area, exploring virtual classes can be the best way to connect your student with the right teacher for their interests and needs.

What kind of tutoring can I pay for with a VA Learning Acceleration Grant?

This VA grant program leaves room for plenty of flexibility when choosing resources that match your kids’ academic skills and goals. You may look for qualifying teachers or tutors who offer classes that:

Prevent the dreaded summer slide

Worried about your kid falling behind over the summer, or just want them to head into fall feeling confident about the next school year? A little dose of academic learning during the summer months can be just the thing to keep their learning on track.

Target core subjects like math or English & reading

Help your student overcome learning hurdles and sharpen their skills in core academics. When searching for a math tutor or English and reading tutors, be sure to narrow your search by looking for teachers who specialize in a specific skill or grade level to find the best fit.

Help advanced or gifted students shine

If you have a student who is “gifted” or excels in one or more academic subjects, they may thrive when presented with appropriate academic challenges. Search for classes that will help them stretch their skills.

Support neurodivergent students

Many tutors specialize in creating positive learning environments that take into account the needs of neurodivergent students. This can include autism-friendly classes, classes for kids with ADD or ADHD, and many other types of neurodivergence. If this applies to your student, consider looking for tutors who specialize in teaching neurodiverse communities.

The Virginia K-12 grants are an exciting opportunity for all VA families to help their kids learn, grow, and excel in school. Outschool is an approved vendor that believes that every Virginia student should have access to high-quality, personalized education that inspires them to achieve their biggest learning goals. Look for Outschool in the ClassWallet marketplace and join us as we strive to set learning free.

Explore thousands of classes taught by passionate, vetted teachers who encourage kids to lead their learning with options for every budget, schedule, and schooling style.

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Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants: What they are and how to use one | Outschool (7)

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