Top 25 Tree Braids Hairstyles (2023)

Women often encounter such annoying hair issues as brittleness and dryness, lack of length and laborious styling routines. Tree braids are an excellent solution to all of them. Opting for this type for natural hair extensions, you will be able to protect your natural hair, gain a fantastic mane of desired length and thickness within just a few hours and get an awesome base for numerous effortless hairstyles, ideal for an office day, a night out or a very special event.

Let’s check the ideas.

#1: Wavy Centre-Parted Tree Braids

If you long for the look of 1970s-inspired hair, then this sexy, retro hairstyle is absolutely perfect. The tree braids are parted down the middle, and the free-flowing locks are softly curled to create retro waves. There are also a few subtle auburn highlights in the very front to add just a hint of color.

#2: Wavy Hairstyle for Tree Braids

One of the best things about this type of braids is that you can really experiment with various hair textures. The tightly-formed waves add volume and depth to the hair, while the neat side part frames the face softly. For a more dimensional look, you could also add gradual layers throughout the length.

#3: Front-Braided Tree Braids

Adding an accent to your braided hairstyle to customize it is a fun way to embrace your personal style. The front section features a few inches of diagonal braids. There is also an added headband braid to distinguish the braided section and the full, voluminous curls.

#4: Black Layered Tree Braids

Tree braids are a success when they look like real hair. This expertly layered style is the one. It features a small burgundy strand in the bangs and cute flipped ends of the layers. A little bit messy touch flatters this style immensely.

#5: Highlighted Tree Braids

Highlights are a simple way to experiment with new hair colors and also spice up the hair color you already have. Auburn highlights are delicately placed to blend with black illusion braids. The locks are parted in the middle and softly curled for a sexy, everyday or special occasion look.

#6: Long Straight Hair with Tree Braids

Sometimes the best hairstyles are those that keep it simple, even when you have braids. Worn long, sleek and totally straight, the illusion braids don’t have a part, instead they are combed straight back.

#7: Tree Braids with Burgundy Highlights

Two tone tree braids give more diversity in color and also in your hairstyles. Even a simple bun or a top knot looks fancy when it features specks of color. Very light waves are an interesting texture to experiment with.

#8: Long Wavy Tree Braids with Highlights

The extremely lengthy tree braids are styled in very tight, loose spirals that appear to be perfectly sculpted. Auburn highlights punctuate the black base, while a distinct side part offers a nice finishing touch.

#9: Side-Swept Curls with Tree Braids

Equal parts old Hollywood glam and effortless sexiness, the side-swept locks demonstrate that the positioning of tresses can make all the difference. The key is to apply soft curls that frame your face and deeply part your hair on one side.

#10: Side-Parted Tree Braids

Certain tree braids look so incredibly real that you have to do a double-take to recognize the illusion. Being bleached at the roots and styled with a deep side part, these braids offer a cute asymmetrical detail for a unique look.

#11: Curly Updo for Tree Braids

A chic updo is always a flattering way to wear your hair, as you reveal your neckline and can try on your favorite large accessories. In this Mohawk-inspired updo hair is braided in neat rows across the back of the head, and the curls are piled on top to cascade onto the forehead in some sort of bangs.

#12: Dark Blonde Tree Braids

Hair color plays a large part in the hairstyling process, whether you wear your natural hair or extensions. With braids, experimenting with hair color is even easier because you’re not actually dyeing your own hair. This dark blonde look also features hints of red and black streaks for a complex and sophisticated hair color. The purposely messy curls placed throughout the length give the hair a fun and effortless feel.

#13: Bright Red Tree Braids

If it’s attention you want, attention you will get when you decide to recreate this vibrant-colored, tree braids style. Bright red hair is definitely the star of the show here, but the tightly-coiled curls should also be rewarded. Due to the tightness and small size of the curls, the braids take on a kinky appearance that offers lovely thickness throughout.

#14: Half Up, Half Down Tree Braids

These wavy locks are pulled into a half up, half down look that is both fun and youthful. Being both pretty and a pleasure to wear, the long textured half updo allows you to experience the best of both worlds – beauty and convenience.

#15: Twisted Top Tree Braids

Get a little creative with your illusion braids and try out a fun, twisted hairstyle like this one. Twist a section or two and pin them to guide all the shiny locks backwards away from the face. Highlights in chocolate and caramel hues are a welcome compliment to tree braids.

#16: Long, Sleek Tree Braids

Tree braids styles run the gamut from long to short and from curly to slightly wavy and straight, which is why they are so versatile. This version is pretty basic, but still flattering because of the classic style. Since the braided in locks are so simple, you can style them a number of ways to jazz them up.

#17: Honey Blonde Tree Braids Hairstyle

There is something about blonde hair color that always manages to garner loads of attention. Featuring a stunning color combo of dark blonde, honey blonde and platinum blonde, the illusion braids are parted down the middle and flipped on the ends.

#18: Curly Black Tree Braids

This hairstyle is for those of you who absolutely love big, full hair and want to experience the look with braids. Medium-sized curls are styled for enhanced thickness, and the absence of a pronounced part allows you to position the hair any way you like.

#19: Layered Burgundy-Toned Tree Braids

As seen in the pictures above, tree braids hairstyles are a fun, flirty and stylish way to extend your hair, add thickness and, of course, protect it. Vary the length and color of your locks to get gorgeous styles like this one.

#20: Extra Voluminous Tree Braids Style

A wavy hair texture is always a no-fail way to incorporate thickness and volume into any hairstyle. These voluminous locks are so full and soft that they almost resemble a lion’s mane, which is incredibly sexy. You also don’t need to do much to this hair, just let it roam free and wild.

#21: Classy Wedding Bouffant Style

Tree braids for above-the-ear section do not only help to sleek the side tresses off the temples for a more formal look, they offer an eye-catching texture-rich braided pattern that looks fantastic next to the sleek polished locks. Add the on-trend bouffant, and you’ll end up with a super chic hairstyle for any big day in your life.

#22: Free Flowing Highlighted Waves

Who doesn’t like to enjoy luxurious silky curls, flowing freely around the face and caressing the shoulders? With a thick mane it can be problematic to keep the locks off the face, but not with tree braids hairstyle. Guide your heavenly tendrils off the forehead, using a side parting and playing with angles.

#23: Thick Flawlessly Straight Tresses

Many African American women would love to have their coils relaxed. However, they know that the exposure to aggressive chemicals always tells on the hair health. Why not to safely braid your natural hair in cute cornrows, inserting strands of quality extensions, choosing the texture and hue you like the most?

#24: Envious Bouncy Curls

Beautiful, lush and absolutely natural-looking curls, falling back from your face don’t have to be grown for months. Now you can enjoy them for at least 2-3 months in the shape of gorgeous cornrowed extensions, braided into your natural or relaxed hair.

#25: Miraculous Waterfall

The steaming waves, swept to one side, are a brilliant example of a simple yet classy downdo to sport with pleasure and style in any setting. Besides, extensions are a great opportunity to experiment with highlights. Chocolate ones are the absolute favorite for black hair.

Select the color and texture you’ve always wanted to try, protect your hair and enjoy low-maintenance styling options with tree cornrows and individual in-braided extensions.


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