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1 behold, catch a glimpse of, catch sight of, check, check out (informal) clock (Brit. slang) descry, discern, distinguish, espy, eye, eyeball (U.S. slang) get a load of (slang) glimpse, heed, identify, lay or clap eyes on (informal) look, make out, mark, note, notice, observe, perceive, recognize, regard, sight, spot, take a dekko at (Brit. slang) view, witness

2 appreciate, catch on (informal) comprehend, fathom, feel, follow, get, get the drift of, get the hang of (informal) grasp, know, make out, realize, take in, understand

3 ascertain, determine, discover, find out, investigate, learn, make enquiries, refer to

4 ensure, guarantee, make certain, make sure, mind, see to it, take care

5 consider, decide, deliberate, give some thought to, judge, make up one's mind, mull over, reflect, think over

6 confer with, consult, encounter, interview, meet, receive, run into, speak to, visit

7 accompany, attend, escort, lead, show, usher, walk

8 consort or associate with, court, date (informal, chiefly U.S.) go out with, go steady with (informal) keep company with, walk out with (obsolete)

9 anticipate, divine, envisage, foresee, foretell, imagine, picture, visualize

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see [2]
n bishopric, diocese

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus

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( sees 3rd person present) ( seeing present participle) ( saw past tense) ( seen past participle)

1 verb When you see something, you notice it using your eyes.
no cont
You can't see colours at night... V n
I saw a man making his way towards me... V n -ing
She can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste... V
As he neared the farm, he saw that a police car was parked outside it... V that
Did you see what happened? V wh

2 verb If you see someone, you visit them or meet them.
Mick wants to see you in his office right away... V n
You need to see a doctor. V n

3 verb If you see an entertainment such as a play, film, concert, or sports game, you watch it.
no cont (=watch)
He had been to see a Semi-Final of the FA Cup... V n
It was one of the most amazing films I've ever seen. V n

4 verb If you see that something is true or exists, you realize by observing it that it is true or exists.
no cont
I could see she was lonely. V that
...a lot of people saw what was happening but did nothing about it... V wh
You see young people going to school inadequately dressed for the weather... V n -ing
My taste has changed a bit over the years as you can see... V
The army must be seen to be taking firm action. be V-ed to-inf

5 verb If you see what someone means or see why something happened, you understand what they mean or understand why it happened.
no cont, no passive (=understand)
Oh, I see what you're saying... V wh
I really don't see any reason for changing it... V n
Now I see that I was wrong. V that

6 verb If you see someone or something as a certain thing, you have the opinion that they are that thing.
She saw him as a visionary, but her father saw him as a man who couldn't make a living... V n as n/-ing
Others saw it as a betrayal... V it as n
I don't see it as my duty to take sides... V it as n to-inf
As I see it, Llewelyn has three choices open to him... V it
Women are sometimes seen to be less effective as managers. be V-ed to-inf

7 verb If you see a particular quality in someone, you believe they have that quality. If you ask what someone seesin a particular person or thing, you want to know what they find attractive about that person or thing.
no cont, no passive
Frankly, I don't know what Paul sees in her... V n in n
Young and old saw in him an implacable opponent of apartheid. V in n n

8 verb If you see something happening in the future, you imagine it, or predict that it will happen.
no cont (=imagine)
A good idea, but can you see Taylor trying it?... V n -ing
We can see a day where all people live side by side. V n

9 verb If a period of time or a person sees a particular change or event, it takes place during that period of time or while that person is alive.
no passive
Yesterday saw the resignation of the acting Interior Minister... V n
He had worked with the General for three years and was sorry to see him go... V n inf
Mr Frank has seen the economy of his town slashed by the uprising. V n -ed

10 verb You can use see in expressions to do with finding out information. For example, if you say `I'll see what's happening', you mean that you intend to find out what is happening.
Let me just see what the next song is... V wh
Shake him gently to see if he responds. V wh

11 verb You can use see to promise to try and help someone. For example, if you say `I'll see if I can do it', you mean that you will try to do the thing concerned.
I'll see if I can call her for you... V if
We'll see what we can do, miss. V wh

12 verb If you seethat something is done or if you seeto it that it is done, you make sure that it is done.
See that you take care of him... V that
Catherine saw to it that the information went directly to Walter. V to it that

13 verb If you see someone to a particular place, you accompany them to make sure that they get there safely, or to show politeness.
He didn't offer to see her to her car... V n prep/adv
`Goodnight.'—`I'll see you out.' V n prep/adv

14 verb If you see a lot of someone, you often meet each other or visit each other.
We used to see quite a lot of his wife, Carolyn... V amount of n

15 verb If you are seeing someone, you spend time with them socially, and are having a romantic or sexual relationship.
My husband was still seeing her and he was having an affair with her. V n

16 verb Some writers use see in expressions such as we saw and as we have seen to refer to something that has already been explained or described.
We saw in Chapter 16 how annual cash budgets are produced... V wh
Using the figures given above, it can be seen that machine A pays back the initial investment in two years... V that

17 verb See is used in books to indicate to readers that they should look at another part of the book, or at another book, because more information is given there.
only imper
See Chapter 7 below for further comments on the textile industry. V n

18 You can use seeing that or seeing as to introduce a reason for what you are saying.
(mainly BRIT)
seeing as/that phrase CONJ SUBORD (=since)
Seeing as Mr Moreton is a doctor, I would assume he has a modicum of intelligence.

19 You can say `I see' to indicate that you understand what someone is telling you.
I see convention
`He came home in my car.'—`I see.'

20 People say `I'll see' or `We'll see' to indicate that they do not intend to make a decision immediately, and will decide later.
I'll/we'll see convention
We'll see. It's a possibility.

21 People say `let me see' or `let's see' when they are trying to remember something, or are trying to find something.
let me/let's see convention
Let's see, they're six<endash10001no, make that five hours ahead of us..., Now let me see, who's the man we want?

22 If you try to make someone see sense or see reason, you try to make them realize that they are wrong or are being stupid.
see sense/reason phrase V inflects
He was hopeful that by sitting together they could both see sense and live as good neighbours...

23 You can say `you see' when you are explaining something to someone, to encourage them to listen and understand.
you see convention
Well, you see, you shouldn't really feel that way about it...

24 `See you', `be seeing you', and `see you later' are ways of saying goodbye to someone when you expect to meet them again soon.
see you convention
`Talk to you later.'—`All right. See you love.'

25 You can say `You'll see' to someone if they do not agree with you about what you think will happen in the future, and you believe that you will be proved right.
you'll see convention
The thrill wears off after a few years of marriage. You'll see.

to have seen better days
to be seen dead
as far as the eye can see
to see eye to eye
as far as I can see
to see fit
to see red
it remains to be seen
wait and see
wait see about phrasal verb When you see about something, you arrange for it to be done or provided.
Tony announced it was time to see about lunch... V P n/-ing
I must see about selling the house. V P n/-ing see off

1 phrasal verb If you see off an opponent, you defeat them.
There is no reason why they cannot see off the Republican challenge. V P n (not pron), Also V n P

2 phrasal verb When you see someone off, you go with them to the station, airport, or port that they are leaving from, and say goodbye to them there.
Ben had planned a steak dinner for himself after seeing Jackie off on her plane. V n P see through phrasal verb If you see through someone or their behaviour, you realize what their intentions are, even though they are trying to hide them.
I saw through your little ruse from the start. V P n
see-through see to phrasal verb If you see to something that needs attention, you deal with it.
While Franklin saw to the luggage, Sara took Eleanor home. V P n

See-through clothes are made of thin cloth, so that you can see a person's body or underwear through them. adj usu ADJ n (=transparent)

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif Anglais Synonymes

n. adj.

1. (usually of a person) lacking in intelligence, common sense, or just in general awareness; clumsy or idiotic. 2. [colloquial] [noun] a person that displays these character traits. 3. [informal] used for emphasis when something is dull, irritating, or nonsensical.

1. "I thought that I was stupid for failing my exam, but at least I tried,"2. "That's not how you do it, stupid!"3. "I'm tired of this stupid computer!"



1. [UK] a day's work ; a task for a day 2. [Aus.] a fixed or definite amount of work ; a work quota.

[Hist.] formed by syncope from day-work. The tenants are subject to a darg (or day's work) for every acre.



1. [person] dishonest or suspect 2. [object] unreliable

[US] [informal] Ex1: I think his sources are hinky and I'll have to look into them. Ex2: Your brakes are a little hinky and you should get them replaced


Synonyme [see] | Dictionnaire synonymes anglais (7)


[subj: poiicemen] to herd [demonstrators] into a compact group in order to control their movements



1. [Mil.] a pilot who comes in support of the leading aircraft. He is positionned besides and slightly behind the leading aircraft. 2. [Fig.] a person who helps a friend to approach potential partners

2. this meaning has been popularised by the TV series How I Met Your Mother


Synonyme [see] | Dictionnaire synonymes anglais (8)


1. throw someone or something out of a window 2. [fig.][fam.] dismiss/remove (sb) from a position of authority/power

Ex1: The inspector considers the assumption that the victim might have been defenastrated.Ex2: Due to the lack of results, the decision was taken to 'defenestrate' the manager.

shoot blanks

Synonyme [see] | Dictionnaire synonymes anglais (9)


1. shoot with a firearm using a type of cartridge that contains gunpowder but neither bullet nor pellet. 2. [slang][fig.] be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a woman (due to various issues such as a low sperm count)

1.The squaddies were training, shooting blanks 2.We had been trying to have a baby for ages until a series of fertility tests revealed I was shooting blanks.

plug and play


1. [Comp.] a device that once plugged in is automatically recognized by the system and launches the expected process without any action on the user's side; 2. [Bus.] a new employee who is able to start work without too much induction and training

[Comp.];[Bus.] can be used as both noun and adjective: plug and play device; plug and play employee or simply plug and play (noun)



[arch.] near in space, time or relation, almost (followed by: upon)

"nigh upon" is even stronger in keeping with an antiquated, even biblical style."The end of the world is nigh upon us"



1. a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing 2. [informal] a negative, critical, heinous person and more specifically the one who posts hate-filled comments online

Ex: He was described as a misogynist, homophobic, woman hater / That website has become a particularly vitriolic breeding ground for the haters

big up


[as interjection] an expression of congratulations, thanks or respect

big up to the team for a great job



[in Thailand] young male transsexual (often a sex worker)


Synonyme [see] | Dictionnaire synonymes anglais (10)


1. [informal] die 2. fail 3. remain static

Ex1: The prisoner was injected a deadly drug and flatlined Ex2: His attempts to reach the summit have flatlined three times already Ex3.: The vote for the new party has flatlined at about 3%



[med.] of or relating to the medical consideration of the whole person in the treatment of a disease, not only physically but also taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms

Ex: That clinic offers a holistic medecine approach to treat both the body and the mind sometimes even using practises from eastern traditions such as meditation or acupuncture.



[philos.] of or relating to a doctrine of holism ; characterized by the approach that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole

Ex: The lecturer emphasized the need for a holistic approach to fisheries



extremely [with the idea of "abnormally"]

freakishly successful/large/lifelike

meat and two veg


1. a typical standard dish, with a meat and two kinds of vegetable 2. jokey reference to the male genitalia [slang]

[UK];[Fam.] 1. I'm not crazy of this fancy-pants cuisine but give me a meat and two veg any day and I'll be happy! 2. When the Scot mopped his brow with his kilt, we spotted the meat and two veg.

to be taken into care


[child] to be sent to a care organization run by the social services, or to be looked after by foster parents

dark night of the soul


1. [Rel.] expression used to describe metaphorically a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis that precedes the communion with Divinity ; 2. in a larger meaning, it is used when refering to having a hard time, going through a phase of pessimism, sadness, failure etc.

wipe the floor with somebody


defeat someone with arguments during a discussion; knock out [Fig.]

give (sb) the (middle) finger


make an obscene and offensive gesture at someone by closing one's fist and extending one's middle finger upwards, interpreted as"Sod off!"; [US] flip (sb) off / flip (sb) the bird

Ex.: he has an unfortunate tendency and somewhat dangerous habit of giving the finger to motorists who cut in front of him.

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What is another word for enough is enough? ›

Some common synonyms of enough are adequate, competent, and sufficient. While all these words mean "being what is necessary or desirable," enough is less exact in suggestion than sufficient.

What are some synonyms for the word see? ›

synonyms for see
  • detect.
  • examine.
  • identify.
  • look.
  • look at.
  • notice.
  • observe.
  • recognize.

What is a synonym for similarly enough? ›

synonyms for similarly

On this page you'll find 24 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to similarly, such as: alike, correspondingly, equivalently, furthermore, in addition, and so.

What is a synonym for had enough? ›

On this page you'll find 36 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to had enough, such as: appalled, outraged, queasy, tired, unhappy, and weary.

What is a synonym for clearly enough? ›

2 apparent, articulate, audible, blatant, bold, coherent, comprehensible, conspicuous, cut-and-dried (informal) definite, distinct, evident, explicit, express, incontrovertible, intelligible, lucid, manifest, obvious, palpable, patent, perceptible, plain, pronounced, recognizable, unambiguous, unequivocal, unmistakable ...

What is called enough? ›

: a sufficient number, quantity, or amount.

What is a synonym for easily see? ›

apparent, discernible, distinct, evident, noticeable, visible, blatant, flagrant, glaring, influential, notable, remarkable, salient, striking, clear, manifest, open and shut, patent, perceptible, plain.

What does see also mean? ›

"See also" is used to cite to additional materials and authority that supports a proposition but when other authority has already been cited to using either See or [no signal]. An explanatory parenthetical stating the relevance of the additional material is strongly encouraged.

What are 10 examples of synonyms? ›

II. Examples of Synonyms
  • Bad: awful, terrible, horrible.
  • Good: fine, excellent, great.
  • Hot: burning, fiery, boiling.
  • Cold: chilly, freezing, frosty.
  • Easy: Simple, effortless, straightforward.
  • Hard: difficult, challenging, tough.
  • Big: large, huge, giant.
  • Small: tiny, little, mini.

What is the synonym in enough? ›

synonyms for enough
  • abundant.
  • adequate.
  • ample.
  • full.
  • sufficient.
  • suitable.
  • bellyful.
  • acceptable.

What is the meaning of just enough? ›

DEFINITIONS1. enough but no more than that. She had just enough money to pay for her bus ticket.

What is a synonym for sensible enough? ›

wise, sage, sapient, judicious, prudent, sensible, sane mean having or showing sound judgment.

What is a synonym for less enough? ›

inadequate. adjectivedefective, insufficient, incompetent. bare.

What is a synonym for still not enough? ›

deficient, faulty, inadequate, incomplete, meager, poor, scant, scarce, unsatisfactory, bereft, defective, destitute, devoid, drained, dry, failing, imperfect, incapable, incommensurate, incompetent.

What are the types of enough? ›

Two types of 'enough': sufficiency as minimum and maximum.

What is an example of enough? ›

[M] [T] He is old enough to travel alone. [M] [T] She was stupid enough to believe him. [M] [T] She was stupid enough to go out with him. [M] [T] We have barely enough bread for breakfast.

What is a synonym for most clearly? ›

  • apparently.
  • certainly.
  • definitely.
  • distinctly.
  • evidently.
  • obviously.
  • openly.
  • plainly.

What is a synonym for it's clearly visible? ›

clear, conspicuous, detectable, discernible, distinguishable, evident, noticeable, obvious, palpable, striking, unmistakable, arresting, big as life, bold, discoverable, inescapable, in sight, in view, macroscopic, manifest.

What is a synonym for plainly see? ›

  • clearly.
  • conspicuously.
  • evidently.
  • expressly.
  • in plain sight.
  • indubitably.
  • manifestly.
  • officially.

What is the simple meaning of see? ›

: to perceive by the eye. : to perceive or detect as if by sight. : to be aware of : recognize.

What does see as mean? ›

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English seeing as (how)informal (also seeing that) used before giving a reason for what you are saying 'I might as well do something useful, seeing as I'm back, ' she said.

What is the meaning of let's see? ›

used when you want to think carefully about something or are trying to remember: Next Saturday, let's see, that's when we're going to the theatre.

What are synonyms in a sentence? ›

What Is a Synonym? A synonym is simply a word that means the same as the other word in question. These words may not always mean the same as the original word, but they can be closely related to it. It comes from the Greek words “syn” and “onym,” which mean “together” and “name,” respectively.

What is the meaning of surely enough? ›

: as one might expect : certainly.

What is the synonym of comfortable enough? ›

contented. adjectiveat ease; satisfied. at peace. comfortable. complacent.

What is the synonym of confident enough? ›

assured, convinced, positive, sure, upbeat, bold, daring, cocky, self-assured, self-confident, hopeful, sanguine, optimistic, self-reliant, counting on, expectant, secure, cocksure, dauntless, intrepid.

What is a synonym for strong enough? ›

1 athletic, beefy (informal) brawny, burly, capable, fighting fit, fit, fit as a fiddle, hale, hardy, healthy, Herculean, lusty, muscular, powerful, robust, sinewy, sound, stalwart, stout, strapping, sturdy, tough, virile.

What is the synonym of more than enough of? ›

synonyms for more than enoughs

On this page you'll find 21 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to more than enoughs, such as: excess, glut, overflow, overmuch, oversupply, and plenty.

What is the acronym for see? ›

Search, Evaluate, Execute.

What is the synonym of sea? ›

Synonyms: ocean , the deep, the blue, the big blue, brine , blue water, seven seas, waters, open water, ocean waves. Sense: Noun: wave - plural.

What is the adjective of see? ›

Able to be seen; visible.

What kind of verb is see? ›

see. [transitive, intransitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) to become aware of someone or something by using your eyes see (somebody/something) She looked for him but couldn't see him in the crowd.

What does see mean in vocabulary? ›

See usually means passively observing, while look, which is also something you do with your eyes, is more active and intentional. When someone says, "The president will see you now," the president is sitting there passively, waiting for you to be shown in.

What is the short term for see you? ›

“C” is often used as a stand-in for “see,” such as “CYT” (“see you tomorrow”) and “CU” (“see you”).

What does I see mean in text? ›

You can say `I see' to indicate that you understand what someone is telling you.

What is the opposite of see? ›

What is the opposite of see?
dismisslook away
21 more rows

What is the antonym of see? ›

Antonyms & Near Antonyms. ignore. brush (aside or off) snub. cold-shoulder.

What is a see noun? ›

noun. /siː/ /siː/ (formal) ​the district or office of a bishop or an archbishop.

What is the meaning of I see? ›

You can say 'I see' to indicate that you understand what someone is telling you.

What is the noun form of see? ›

see (noun) seeing (conjunction) seen. see–through (adjective)

What are the 2 forms of see? ›

The words saw and seen are forms of the irregular verb see. Saw is the past tense form and seen is the past participle form.

What are the three forms of see? ›

Conjugation of verb 'See'
V1 Base Form (Infinitive):To See
V2 Past Simple:Saw
V3 Past Participle:Seen
V4 3rd Person Singular:Sees
V5 Present Participle/Gerund:Seeing

What does see it all mean? ›

used for saying that you find something very shocking or surprising. A child divorcing his parents? Now I've seen it all! Synonyms and related words. Ways of saying that you are surprised or shocked.


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